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Are Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms Deadly?

Although the majority of the opioid withdrawal symptoms are not deadly in the short term, there are some that can be potentially hazardous if left unattended. It is very rare that someone dies from opioid withdrawal but it is possible to die from some of the complications of withdrawal.

Infection Due to Poor Immune Response

Opioid drugs weaken your immune system leaving you open to infection. When you have a weak immune system you wind up with opportunistic infections such as staph and MRSA. By themselves these are not deadly but when you compound them, they can kill.

If you suspect your drug use has left you immune compromised there is a good chance that you are addicted. Opioid addiction needs to be treated in a qualified treatment center. To find a treatment center call 800-405-7172. We can help.

Bowel Death Due to Gangrene

Most opioid drugs cause constipation. In rare cases this constipation can lead to an impaction. According to the National Library of Medicine, this constipation can lead to obstruction and death. Once you are impacted it can cause blood loss to your bowels. Blood loss means bowel death and gangrene. Gangrene if left for too long can kill you.

Overdose after Relapse

Opioid Withdrawal Symptoms

Extreme dehydration experienced during withdrawal can cause kidney failure.

The danger does not stop with withdrawal. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, relapse is a normal part of addiction treatment. Most people relapse when they first start withdrawal.

Unfortunately, when you relapse you sometimes take more of the drug than you should. This leads to a relapse related drug overdose. Your chances of relapse are greatly reduced during a comprehensive treatment program.

Dehydration due to Vomiting and Diarrhea

Dehydration is another problem you have to watch out for if you are in opioid withdrawal without treatment. Vomiting and diarrhea dehydrate you. Advanced dehydration can lead to kidney failure. Kidney failure is extremely painful and can kill you quickly if not treated promptly.

Opiate Induced Psychosis

Opiate induced psychosis is extremely rare and can be deadly. The psychosis itself is not what kills you but the things that you do and see while you are in a psychotic state can. If you begin to experience psychotic behavior while in opioid withdrawal it is extremely important to get help as soon as possible.

Knowing It’s Time to Seek Prescription Opioid Addiction Treatment

Depression and Suicidal Ideation

Depression is a key symptom of opiate withdrawal. This depression can become very serious, very quickly. This depression can get so deep and so black that you feel as if you do not want to live. Without the proper psychiatric treatment, suicide is a real possibility. When you are in treatment for opioid withdrawal, psychiatrists and counselors can help with these feelings.

Codeine Induced Overdose

Codeine has the unique property of being a fast metaboliser. It can turn to more morphine than you intended to take in your liver causing an overdose. This happens in both children and adults but more so in children taking codeine.

Finding a Treatment Center to Help you Through Withdrawal

All of these conditions are preventable. No one has to go through opioid withdrawal alone and most opioid deaths due to withdrawal are easily preventable. For a treatment center that can help you call 800-405-7172.

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