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Opium Addiction is No Different from Opioid Addiction

As stated by the Drug Enforcement Administration, “An opium ‘high’ is very similar to a heroin ‘high’; users experience a euphoric rush, followed by a relaxation and the relief of physical pain.”

As such, opium addiction is very similar to the abuse syndromes associated with other opioids (both synthetic and natural, illicit and prescription-based). Because of this, it is easy to find a treatment center that provides the kind of care necessary for opium users.

Generally, the individual will go through medically assisted withdrawal first, being weaned off their dependence on the drug and using medications like methadone, clonidine, or buprenorphine to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

Sometimes the individual will be put on maintenance with methadone or buprenorphine if their dependence or their drug abuse is severe. Then, over time, the individual will receive behavioral therapy to learn better coping mechanisms, become stabilized on their medication, and receive access to other types of help like housing, education, and vocational counseling. All of these options can be found at most rehab centers.

Finding Treatment for Opium Addiction

Opium Addiction is No Different from Opioid Addiction

Counseling will help you continue with your opium addiction recovery efforts by teaching you coping skills.

While you may or may not be addicted to opium, finding treatment for opium addiction, opioid addiction or prescription drug addiction is much the same. The first step is calling 800-405-7172 for help. Counselors will assist you in determining the appropriate level of treatment for your individual needs.

Whether you are heavily addicted and have been for many years or you just realized that maybe you have a problem with substance abuse, consider seeking the treatment of a rehab center. During rehab you will learn how to cope with triggers and underlying situations that may otherwise lead to your substance abuse.

You will also make new friends in recovery and learn how to socialize without the burden of drugs or alcohol interfering.

What Happens in Opium Treatment?

Finding treatment for an opioid addiction will require merely a phone call and a desire to get well—when you call our helpline a counselor will immediately answer the questions you have, help you decide on the best course of action in finding help and can even provide a free referral to a local treatment center that will aid in your recovery efforts.

Call 800-405-7172 to begin the first steps in your recovery journey!

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