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10 Myths About Opiate Withdrawal

According to that National Institute on Drug Abuse, opiate withdrawal is one of the hardest types of withdrawal to go through. Although it is not deadly, it is extremely unpleasant and causes many people to relapse.

1. You can do it on Your Own

It is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to withstand the effects of opiate withdrawal on your own. The symptoms are very intense and even more unpleasant.

2. You Do Not Need People to Help

Numerous studies have shown that having a human support structure is incredibly important for recovery from opiate addiction. Additionally, the symptoms of opiate withdrawal can be so severe that help is needed to get through them.

3. It will Kill You

opiate withdrawal myths

Opiate withdrawal will not likely kill you, however you shouldn’t take it on alone.

Opiate withdrawal is not fatal, though it may feel as though you are dying. However, opiate abuse will kill you.

4. Medication Replacement is just Replacing One Addiction for Another

While it is true that some people become addicted to replacement medications, if they are used properly such an event has a very low likelihood of occurrence.

5. Only People who use Heroin are Addicted to Opiates and go Through Withdrawal

All opiates are highly addictive, regardless of whether they are prescription pain pills or heroin. As such, all opiates can produce withdrawal symptoms if you stop using them.

6. The only way to Quit is to Stop Using All Opiates

This is also not true. Some of the most successful opiate addiction treatment options include replacement drugs that are also opiates.

7. Everyone who Uses Opiates will go Through Withdrawal

Many people use opiates. They are a commonly prescribed drug, and, statistically speaking, the chances of addiction are rare. Dependence does not equal addiction, so even people that require opiates on a daily basis may not suffer withdrawal.

8. You will go Through Withdrawal After a Single Use

While this is a possibility, especially if you have strong tendencies for addiction or use a very large dose, there is very little chance of undergoing the ravages of acute withdrawal after only one use.

Opium Withdrawal Duration

9. If you go Through Treatment You will Forever be Labeled an Addict

There is no shame in getting help in recovering from the disease of addiction. In fact the increased understanding of this disease has stripped many of the misconceptions and labels formerly associated with addiction.

10. There is No Way to Ease Withdrawal Symptoms

There are a number of treatment options available to not only help you recover from your opiate addiction, but also help ease the symptoms of withdrawal. There is no reason to wait when it comes to treating addiction. Get help today, and you, too, can become drug free.

For more information on opiate withdrawal or treatment for opiate withdrawal call us at 888-959-0638. We can help you conquer your opiate addiction and dispel some of the myths surrounding treatment. We are here to answer any questions that you might have about treatment, addiction, and opiate withdrawal.

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