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12 Common Triggers for Opiate Addicts

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, one of the goals of opiate addiction treatment is to find and neutralize the things that trigger relapse or drug use. Although the exact triggers are specific to an individual, there are a few that are common to most people.

1. Stress

Stress is the number one trigger to relapse. Stress causes changes in the body and strengthens drug cravings. Some addicts start using because of stress.

2. Chronic Illness

When you suffer from a chronic illness such as chronic pain, the pain comes back after the drugs are stopped. Most people describe this pain as worse than the original.

3. Depression

Depression is both a cause and an effect of opiate use. Some people relapse back into addiction because it helps the depression. If the depression is treated, then the chances of relapse are less.

4. People

Being around people who use drugs usually trigger a relapse. It is important to stay away from people who use opiates while you are in relapse.

5. Places

Triggers for Opiate Addicts

Going to the same location where you used to use opiates can trigger a relapse.

Like avoiding people, avoiding places that you frequented while you used drugs is important to prevent relapse. They will most likely encourage you to start using drugs again.

6. Paraphernalia

One thing to remove from your life is all of the objects that used to help you use drugs such as pill bottles, pipes, and needles.

7. Anxiety

Anxiety is another issue that is both a cause and an effect of drug use. Untreated anxiety can lead to opiate use. Opiates sometimes give people the feeling of wellbeing and this feeling is usually a powerful trigger.

8. Frustration

Being frustrated is one of the worst things in the world. This frustration can be from work, school, or from another source. When someone who is an addict wants the frustration to end, they often turn to drugs as a quick fix.

9. Jealousy

Jealousy like frustration often causes relapse into drug use. When you watch someone have a good time on the drug, it is very easy to get jealous. Especially when you remember that fun that you had on the drugs. As time goes on you find it very difficult to remember the bad things that happened while on opiates.

10. Rejection

It is easy to relapse when the people that you hurt during your addiction reject you. Some will but it is important to remember that true friends will remain. Those that leave because you will not use drugs and those that leave because you were an addict are not worth the time.

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11. Feelings of Helplessness

One of the more powerful triggers is the feeling of helplessness. The opiates gave you control over pain and your feelings, without them you return to the helpless feeling that you

12. Inability to Find Help

Not having the help that you need when you need it often leads to relapse and other issues. Fortunately, it is easy to find help. Simply call us at 888-959-0638.

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